Review of “The Very Marrow of our Bones”

I recently read Christine Higdon's novel The Very Marrow of our Bones. The author is actually in a bookclub with my mum, thought I'd get that out of the way for journalistic integrity's sake. And though this is what initially drew me to the novel - the neat factor - it is the writing and … Continue reading Review of “The Very Marrow of our Bones”


Sidenote: dentistry

I think dentists and their profession get too much flack. They make us pretty, healthy and happy and yet they are the only type of doctors who are pitied.  Even PhDs get a begrudged respect. I just want to say - I appreciate dentists. Even if no one else will!  -Clay


It's started snowing in Kingston. Usually, the snowfall starts early in November but there's no real accumulation until around now. Something nice to go along with the exam season, I guess. In my two decades, I have really come to appreciate snow. It provides a sign of the absence of winter. Cold, frost, biting wind … Continue reading Snowtime