London Calling

Sorry for such a gross headline, I just like The Clash, my dad liked ’em a lot, and I’m going to London for the weekend. I’m visiting a friend who’s doing an MFA at Western, should be fun.

I met her at Queen’s, first did an artist profile on her and then interviewed her for another article, I forget the topic, before we chilled. It is very odd to look back and realize the steps which led to our friendship. Very unpredictable you might say, given that we never intended to end up friends. That’s sort of how I know that’s it’s a real, honest to goodness “we have similar interests, similar personalities, etc, etc” sort of deals. The older I get, the less I form this most wholesome sort of friendship, it is a thing of the past.

I guess it’s a good thing, because it means that I’ve had the friends I have for a good length of time, and it’s not like we didn’t start hanging out the same way as I’ve outlined above. It’s just one more thing that, upon reflection, signals the fact that I’m 22, used to be 20, was 16 before that…

And I’m sure there will be more and more things when I actually became older than early twenties. But this is something which springs to mind as I sit on the Greyhound, slowly winding out from downtown, through my area and beyond. Another odd thing just occured to me, I’ve only ever bussed out of Toronto going east. This is my first time passing by High Park in a bus.



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