A Removable Teeth

Just got out my wisdom teeth yesterday, it was not that bad. It was very odd when the nurse first put the laughing gas/O2 mask over my nose and told me to breath deeply. I slowly began to feel lighter and lighter as I looked up on the white, plasterboard ceiling of the little surgery. It reminded me of the ceiling tiles we have in residence in my first year at Queen’s – so filthy, brittle. We eventually would break, or at least wake up to broken ceiling tiles most mornings of the weekend. Such were the entertainments of my youth.

When I was even younger I had to have quite a few surgeries on my ears. I’ve always had trouble with them – I honestly think it’s why I started reading so much. When I had an ache or infection and couldn’t go to bed I would read a book. There were many nights I would read til morning because I couldn’t get to sleep. This necessity slowly became habitual, I’d now say it nearly governs my life.

It’s odd to think of my childhood when I am still so young but what else am I supposed to do as I convalesce? I’m not weak but I can’t do much, can’t really eat anything solid. To pass the time I’ve been reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami and random articles in The New Yorker. It’s been pleasant but I hate being so cooped up. It’s boring.

At least when I was a kid, I liked doing nothing for a bit because of how active a life I lived. Now it’s not so fun. I love being outside, especially in my final week in Toronto before my final year at school but it is what it is. Anyways back to reading for me I guess. Anyone with fears of wisdom teeth removal need not worry. The worst part is the hunger and the boredom.



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