History: It Was Written

When people look back on today in 50 or 60 years what will they focus on? There are so many distressing things going on, so much to point to that it makes you wonder what’s next. What will be the end result of the tariffs, of Saudi Arabia and Canada’s spat, of climate change?

I look at what’s written in the news, and it’s hard to see any specific issue getting the most coverage. Nothing seems pervasive, and I get the sense that a litany of the problems today could fall under this category. They are all almost symptomatic and not ills in-and-of-themselves per se.

For example, 66 people were shot in Chicago. A place I am visiting in two weeks time and a mere 7hr drive. It’s equidistant almost as the capital of Canada where the Saudis are somehow suggesting moral relativism is what they need from the world. It’s impossible to unify these issues and yet they are so close. I feel as though they impact me equally. Not enough to obstruct my daily life but having the potential to.

It’s weird to think of these things.

I hosted a potluck yesterday for some university and high school friends, and that was on my mind. I made roasted potatoes – the kind you parboil before baking in the oven. They are very tasty, not bland but not overpowering. Like any good sidepiece should be.

It’s weird to think of these things.

At least, and I can say this truthfully, I no longer care about my “place” in history. When I was younger, I used to care quite a bit. Always dreamt of making a name for myself. Of existing more than merely as a person with a day-to-day life. Now though, I am more concerned with life as it is in front of me. Of my job, my career and family and that sort of thing. But then, there are events which crop up and return me to such reveries. Like the one’s I’ve already mentioned and many more. Wilbur Ross, current Sec. of Commerce in the U.S. is apparently guilty of theft ranging in the hundreds of millions of dollars from clients and businesses he ran. That is insane. And yet, it doesn’t seem like anything will come of it. That is even more insane.

It is times likes these that beg of us to read history and books. We need to cast our gaze a little wider than what’s face-to-face so that we can calm down. Mother’s always say count to ten before you act, but that rule has seemingly fallen into disuse. I know I am simplifying issues which speak to the very heart and soul of a people and place. That being said, there are many who rise above, are not so easily swayed, and it is to them I address such a message. Those with the luxury of taking a breath. It is very often that tensions arise from those with luxury going amok.

My philosophy in life is to let cooler heads prevail. I am not gifted at following this edict, but I do try. It is, I guess, a sort of rationality but one that prioritizes thinking things through over all else – that may be vague but that’s life. The necessity to be ironclad in life escapes me unfortunately.


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