Summertime Pt.2

Dogs are a peculiar animal. Mainly in that they are just about the only non-human animal that I am around all the time. It allows you to watch them, to let them watch you and form a sort of connection.

I am probably only thinking about this because I need to take a break from an article I’m writing and my dog’s laying at my feet, but still. Curious to think about. I mean we used to be surrounded by animals, all the kinds you ate, the local pests, pleasure animals, horses, cows, dogs, chickens, fish, oxen, moose, deer, squirrel.

I know I’m just a city boy, and all that, but still. What a peculiar thing that the only animals we can get closed to as humans are dogs, cats, hamsters and all those other things. Philosophically, seems to speak to how we view all the other members of the Animal Kingdom, dontcha think?

Where have the animals gone which used to kill us?

The woolly mammoths died out millennia ago, yet elephants still walk the Earth. Was the cold that bad?

Are dogs so everpresent because we enjoyed their presence by the fire and did whatever we wanted to to the animals not allowed ‘up on the sofa’?

Who knows, but summer makes you think of some crazy things. I should get back to my real writing, no offense.



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