Little Man Rock

I wrote this poem in 2nd year, or 3rd, can’t really remember. I have had a busy week of boring activities, so I didn’t really know what to write about. Plus, I was going through this old word doc I have called ‘Memoranda During the School-Year’ which was basically my journal/diary from the middle of my schooling at Queen’s. It is pretty weird and unkempt, and well, a little too confessional for wide release. But, it’s still funny. The title is just an appropriation of the Walt Whitman memoranda he wrote during the Civil War.

The poem itself is absurd, though not absurdist. And, it is a very roundabout, and vague expression of the existential dread that I felt then. Before, I had accepted the writing life, before I had become somewhat confident in myself. (Also it’s funny to see the change in my diction over the years).

Little Man Rock

Oh little man, how you resemble a goat!

Huh? What is that there down in your moat?

It isn’t a squid, or a croc,

Oh no! Is that there a human in a coat?

Oh little man, what have you done to his throat?

It’s as if you tried to run the entire world through a clock

Please don’t come over here in your boat.

Yes, my life thus far has been rather rote.

When I called you little I didn’t mean to mock

I was trying to make friendly, discover what had been left to float.

Oh please do not treat as though I were merely a vote.

I’ve angered you, I can tell because you have descended to your dock.

Really I’m sure the last thing on your mind is to another smote.

I would life not to be left at the top of your moat to bloat.

I will alight from here presently, leaving you on your little man rock.


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