Art Critic-in-training

I don’t know that I ever in my life would’ve figure myself for an art critic-in-training. I didn’t even start at The Journal writing for Art, I was News for my first five or six articles. Now, my portfolio is overflowing with reviews: plays, paintings, performances.

I wear this title sarcastically, of course. I am not one to label myself, to be honest. I only came up with the moniker for a Snapchat that I sent at the Symphony this past weekend. Another Snapchat I sent was a picture of a cellist with the caption ‘Baethoven’. As in Bae-thoven.

But, it’s funny to also feel like this title fits a bit. I do like art, and I love to write about art especially. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve liked to read, and I took to museums earlier than my friends, but maybe that’s also because I liked to read. Eventually you have to look at what you’re reading about if you’re in a museum. And often, as my mum is a big art person herself, the museum I’d be reading in would be an art one.

Also, my house is full of art. For awhile, there were mainly the typical studies of fruit, landscapes and countrysides. But eventually, prints found their way to the wall, and art blocks, and even contemporary art that is really up in the air. Now, there’s even some of the pictures my brother the photographer-in-training took.

But, I also like philosophy and my dad left me with piles of books. You name it, either me or my dad probably bought it and so I probably own it. It’s a tricky enterprise book collection. Dust, for one, is my enemy. And I’ve never enough space for all the books I want. And that’s saying something given that I’ve got books in three different houses in three different parts of the province. As I said, piles of books.

So, yes, I am by nature inclined to arts. But, I am by impulse inclined to some many other things. I could never spend my life knowing that the stage will be my best friend. I want it to be an acquaintance, like the walls of an art gallery. Books are wonderful but even then I don’t think I could just be a literary critic. I am too energetic, probably to youthful and I just need to talk about more than just art sometimes. I need all of life, not just a little slice.



In the picture, I am young and look dust – as the kids say. I didn’t even wear a watch back then. But, I also love the picture – that’s my brother and we’re at the cottage.


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