Living life as I should

It feels good to live life the way you want to. There’s something so sweet about seeing the values you care about be beneficial.

I am a huge proponent of liberal ideas, something in the vein of JFK. He might’ve been too jingoisitic but he lived in a time that called for it.

What I admire most though is his desire to make everyone equal. This is so core to my being and it is undoubtedly true.

Any attempts to argue against equality are laden with prejudice. It’s almost unbearable because many of these arguments appeal to finer things that are usually expensive and out of reach for most.

But, as someone who is able to attain these finer things, thanks Mum, I can tell you they are not as special as they seem. They are merely softer, sweeter and fresher versions of the things which make up daily life. It is nothing but a mere object unless you think you deserve it.

People like Edmund Burke preached that certain things are better than others and so only the better, noble people should have access to them. For example, in his writings on the French Revolution he places special importance on the fact that Versailles is the best palace on Earth. This is as important as the lives of the French masses which were cut short by the people who inhabited the Glorious Palace’s walls.

Needless to say, this is unreasonable. But thankfully, life seems to be tending away from such ideas. Materialism is now accessible to everyone.

Really though, I don’t care what people do with their time unless it will harm others in some way. This is something JFK understood. It is a fundamental aspect of humanity really. All transgressions of this liberty usually end poorly for the perpetrator. This may seem hard to believe but time is much, much longer than a lifetime.



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