Baby, I’m Back

I got into Kingston last night and it was hard to say goodbye. This has been a really good winter break and I think my family and I were really happy together. 

Being back is nice, though. I do love Queen’s and there’s a lot to keep me busy. For one, I’ll be starting back at the Journal this week and I feel like I’ve hit my stride there. I always find that I have this initial self-consciousness when I start something new. It makes me a little unsure of myself, of my footing and things like that. But it often passes quickly, and this allows me to feel surer in my position in the longrun. 

It can be hard though when this pervades most things I do. If my private life did not have this I would be happy, but really it’s not that bad. It’s just a whimsical like ‘oh, I wish I hadn’t done that’. 

It’s always nice because this side of me, when active, tells me I’m a little outside of my comfort zone, of the things I’m used to. But, shouldn’t you be doing things that keep you on your toes? 

I think so, but also make sure you have somewhere to rest your feet when your toes get tired. Everyone needs some stability, some foundational support to explore. I guess I’m lucky to have such a great family. Such a great pair of people who keep me grounded and keep me looking forward. 



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