Winter Brrrzz

As I sit in my home sipping a coffee, reading The Big Sleep, I wonder what people won’t endure for the sake of life and liberty. Outside my home it is -21°C. 

Thankfully, weather is about the worst thing in my life. But, there is something especially malevolent about air being so cold it burns your skin. No matter how much you heat your home, one touch of a frost-kissed window is all that it takes to you remind you of the reality mere centimetres from your fingertips. It is, by the grace of God that we’ve made life in so inhospitable a place as Toronto. We’ve made it one of the best cities in the world, to boot. 

Perhaps it is a shared hardship like this that makes Canadians as nice, or at least welcoming, as we are. Perhaps I am also being hyperbolic about a hardship like the weather. But again, it is -21°C outside, I feel like I can complain all I want. 

It’s admirable though, what Canada represents. Have people stop struggling to make it here ever since the wooden villages and pioneers? 

No, and we all have struggles, most people have more than I do. But, we are united by our desire to live life how we want to. The way we deem fit. That’s what’s beautiful about the winter. The rose in the thorns. 



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