Happy New Year to All My Peoples

Life is filled with deadlines which don’t mean much. Perhaps the greatest of all is the ushering in of the New Year.

Not much changes in those split seconds, but in many people’s minds they are rejuvenated. Life is hopeful where once it was bleak. The pressures of yesterday are now something to fight against and be surmounted. That is pretty remarkable. Nothing changes and yet suddenly the world is easier to bear.

Why do we so easily slip into routines we do not like?

For me, New Year’s resolutions are wonderful in that they enact change. And what is greater in the world than positive change?

Nothing, but that’s assuming that positive change is actually borne of gym memberships, fewer cigarettes smoked, less chocolate consumed or shorter showers taken. I think we must look at what our resolutions aim to alter if we are ever going to actually change.

Why do we eat too much, spend too much time in the shower or smoke? Is it actually because we are weak in will power?

I think it has to do with our situation in life. Those who feel powerless are very concerned with changing themselves until they feel in control, powerful. It’s not a cognisant thing though because otherwise I think they would realize of how little significance these changes are.

Sure, you stop a bad habit, but what then?


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