Love Life

Can life be lived without someone important? 

As I get older and more independent, i.e. less attached to my family and home, I feel a longing for that same affection and warmth that was once abundant. There is such a feeling of love that you get when home.

Perhaps, I am just sad that my break is drawing to a close, that I will be gone back to Kingston. But, I feel whole when I feel loved. 

Is that some part of the human condition of just some part of me? 

I’m a big proponent of balance and the idea that much of life out to be tempered in some way. If you really like spending time with someone, that’s ok. But, if you spend too much time then your life becomes unbalanced. 

It’s a personal choice love, but it’s a need that everyone has. That’s what makes it so damn tricky. There’s no one solution and there’s no real game plan or method to success which is what makes it so terrifying. But it’s seemingly necessary, food, love, happiness and water are all searched for no matter what barriers are in the way. 

Isn’t that fascinating? 



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