It’s started snowing in Kingston. Usually, the snowfall starts early in November but there’s no real accumulation until around now. Something nice to go along with the exam season, I guess.

In my two decades, I have really come to appreciate snow. It provides a sign of the absence of winter. Cold, frost, biting wind – these are all due to the absence of the Sun. It makes you stay inside, I’m writing this in my bedroom looking out into my backyard.

The snow has covered everything, it outlines the shapes of my yard that once were. But, it has not erased them. The white of the snow has tinted everything I can see from the safety of my room. Did I mention that it is -15C outside at right now?

So, truly, at least there is snow.


P.S. That photo is one of the only snow themed ones I’ve got. That’s my brother and me on top of a glacier in Alaska, maybe I’ll tell that story sometime.


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