It’s that time of year again, folks. Christmastime in the city.

All the people return to their homes,
Likes bears to their holes.

It’s a time to realize what’s important.
Christmas allows us to exchange ourselves.

We give a little to Auntie, to Uncle and some to mom and dad.

It’s a communion and a covenant,
We become ourselves through others.

Our emotions, our bank accounts, our love
Is restored through others.

Maybe not Christ, as once was, but is the
Spirit of Christmas any different?

No – because people still love one another
And are loved.

That is what can be forgotten on the other days,
The ones where we face the world for what it is,

Where are hopes and aspirations are laid bare,
That is why we need Christmas.

And Christmas is just what I call it, but
There’re many names for it.

And many places to find it, but everyone needs
It all the same, when they search inside and find

Longing, find something lacking. This time shows that that
Isn’t the end of the world.

The end of anything is never inside someone – we just
Need to be shown that.



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