Cold-brew coffee, student style

I recently made a batch of cold-brew coffee in an old 40oz of Olde English. It was a fine moment for my ingenuity – usually I just buy whatever I’m too lazy to make myself. But also, it made me realize how I’m poor but only really because I’m bad with money.

Like, why would I do something like this?

It’s almost emblematic of rich kids in school. We are of high tastes and poor habits. This is not a new issue, many great novels in the English tradition explore this theme alone. It makes me feel like I’ll develop gout one day too.

I mean, I could just get used to instant coffee, until I get my next pay check. I could buy a nice mug so that I never go to a coffee shop again. But, I tell myself that frugality would get me nowhere but being pissed off.

The fact that I can so clearly lay this out for other people in a blog
and yet not seen to balance a budget for my life is highly frustrating, to boot.

As I say, I don’t really want to effect these changes, despite them being the smart thing for me to do. It’s like I’m in a glass cage and feel self-righteous until I, too, bash my nose against it’s wall like all the other rich kids at Queen’s.

But, like some angel my mother always comes to the rescue. I really need to do this better – it’s the only thing I do that really, truly needs changing. I love the picture I see of myself these days except for that damn hole that’s always being burned in my pocket whenever I’m truly flush with cash.

Also, it doesn’t help that I didn’t work this summer.

I’ve been working at school this semester and should get a nice paycheck for that within the next few weeks which should remedy the situation. Plus, it will be followed by two more next semester so the end to my money woes is in sight as long as I follow a better path than the one I’ve been on lately.



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