Watch out

When I went to Europe this summer I wore a watch the whole time. Until that trip, I had not really ever worn one except for pictures, I also wore one to a wedding once or twice.

I like to think that my choice was merely pragmatism to avoid pickpockets but I think it was more. I did a lot of lifestyle changes this summer and so I think this watch wearing business might be a part of that too.

Ever since I started, I find that I take more stock in what I do with my days. I’m not sure when this change happened, whether it was before I went on the trip, at some pivotal moment in Prague or if I always wanted some reason to feel more important that I did.

Whatever the reason, I have changed and this change coincided with when I began wearing a watch – I have two in my collection.

One of them is a metal strapped all-gold watch, not real just painted on I think, and another is a brown-leather strapped watch with a brown and copper face.

Neither are particularly expensive and they don’t really do anything except for tell the time. Yet, they are both beautiful and my most prized possessions -except for my book collection, of course.

The gold one was originally owned by my Grandfather. He died in the 80s from mesothelioma but I’ve always felt close to him because of all the stories my family tells.

My mother and her sisters still love and miss this man and I kind of do too. Maybe I didn’t always feel so close to him, but ever since I was a kid my Grandfather was a man to aspire to become.

He was handsome, tall and hardworking. He built my cottage and my family with his hands and made my mother, and so me, into who I am today.

Until my watch habit picked up, I rarely thought of that but now I take a small piece of him with me wherever I go and this has made me conscientious.

Not just of time but of place and space and the beauty of what is all around me. I am rejuvenated by thinking about time all the time and I don’t know why.


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