I am not a morning person, but that’s not to say I am a night owl either. This is one of life’s many fallacious binaries.

I woke up really early today, and I guess that’s why I’m thinking of this. I don’t feel like mundane things are beneath me, I just don’t really understand them.

For one, mundane things are what allow us to get out of bed in the morning, to make the decision to be productive. I didn’t wake up early to write a great novel like Balzac, I got up early today to study for a German midterm.

Everyone becomes a morning person when they have something to do and everyone stays up a little later than they usually would when they don’t. It’s just what I’ve observed. Sure, there may be a preference, you may get up earlier than most and so you’d call yourself a morning person.

But, people rarely get out of bed to do nothing. It’s always to go to work, a hobby or start the daily routine.

I know that when I have to get up to do something I like, the time that I actually wake up doesn’t matter to me – so long as the thing I’m waking up for does.

I think this is where the pervasive dichotomy of morning person/night owl arises from. The narrow appearance the world has sometimes is not due to anything but a lack of reasons to get up in the AM, so to speak.

It’s obviously not that simple, but the activities of morning people are usually social, they go out and do things. A night owl’s activities are usually inclined to the opposite. It’s a resistance of the status quo.

I used to stay awake really late when I was growing up. I didn’t do much besides reading, thinking and watching movies and tv. I’m not sure why, but these were some of the best times I had growing up.

It was utterly my own domain, I was at my own whim. But, I was also – not antisocial – but maybe nervous. I was not the person I really wanted to be around others, I don’t know that anyone ever is – but that’s a whole ‘nother topic.

I could discover myself in a sense, during the night. I could see what I really liked. I had freedom.

Now, I hardly stay up past midnight. My days usually begin before 9 in the morning and I have never been more content with the shape of my life.

It could be that I am just forming a theory out of my own experiences. But, I imagine that night owls are attributable to more than just teenage years, a higher IQ or whatever other reason you see on the internet.


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