Frosh Week Colds

I’m back at Queen’s for my last year. Well maybe, I haven’t decided on taking a fifth year yet. Initially, I came to Kingston to study chemistry but I was not a fan of the laboratory life. But that’s a story for another time. 

The first week back is always fun. Frosh week comes and goes like a blur usually but it was a lot better working at Journal. This is my first time being an editor at our school paper and it’s been a great experience so far. The newspaper style in Canada is a very particular kind of hyper focused but also pared back style. 

The words and sentences we use are meant to provide nothing but the facts. Clearly, I’m a rather prolix writer so it’s been a bit hard to get used to this. But I strive for greatness. 

Another event is my cold. It started with a headache which I mistook for a hangover and spiralled from there. Well, as far as cold’s go it isn’t the worst but I was hoping to get going right away. On what – well there are a few things that could be a boon to me within reach. 

If they go well, you’ll be first to know. Suffice to say, these a big, hopeful things in the works. 



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