A Poem Called Mucha Museum

Sarah Bernhardt Comes From Paris,

Do you?

Je sais que tu comprends, tu as vu le video come moi.

It spoke of Mucha and his muses, his girls – first to be lusted then the result of love – how do I love thee, mon cherie?

Is my obsession with you, or at least my curiosity, any more than Mucha’s?

Did he show me something and you, lovely French girl, on that day?

What do I take from museums, from art?

I take life and to me that is what you are – but also you are a pulse quickening remedy to get over my family. So I don’t know lovely French girl if you are anything more to me than a muse to Mucha?

Maybe that’s a lot? Maybe not?

A little backstory: I’ve been travelling in the Czech Republic with my family and recently went to a wonderful museum dedicated to the work of the great Czech artist Alphonse Mucha. Besides the beautiful works of art there were a few beautiful French girls, I wrote this about her and all the other things jumbling around my brain right now.


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