I Love Blogging

This is one of my favourite styles of writing. I like the contemporaneous aspect of blogs which makes them seem so much more personal than any other writing I’ve done and I’ve only had a handful of visitors to ‘Claytons Quips’ in the time since it began.

I don’t really need this blog to be technically successful, one of the reasons being that I never want to be a ‘blogger’. To digress slightly, subcultures and subgenres, though outside the typical realm of society, still require one to bend to their principles and so not find your own. This is the opposite of what I’d like to achieve here.

This space I’ve created allows me a pause from everything. I take some time to just sit and think. Not about anything in particular but rather in a more meditative sense which often leads me to look at myself as a whole. A person, a writer, an adult or whatever.

I think that anyone reading this may see some lack of identity in me and I just think yeah obviously. Why should I have shit figured out, I’m only twenty.





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