Parts and Babe-r

I’m from Toronto and this felicitous fact really means a few things for any young millennial, come moi. First and foremost it means that coming home from University does not mean two weeks of dark ages over Christmas, but rather the Christmas Market in the distillery district with the friends you like and haven’t seen for a long time. To continue the theme, it also means Toronto has a great many places to go like great restaurants fucking everywhere.

Roncesvalles is an example of this, Barque, Intersteer, The Chocolateria and many more are all along basically five minutes of the avenue. Just below this heaven of hunger is another great neighbourhood called Parkdale.

Now, Parkdale is a very different neighbourhood from the aforementioned one. But it too has a cool street teeming with culture, Queen St W in this case, along which there are many great restaurants as well, last night I went to one of these eateries myself.

Parts and Labour was the place. I went with some friends from Queen’s who also live in the city. Though they all have the misfortune of living East of downtown, such a pity eh.

I’d been curious about P and L since I had first seen Matty Matheson on munchies and learned he had a restaurant in Toronto.

So, the place was nice but was not nice enough to distract from the company, should that company prove worthy. I think this is the point of a restaurant – it draws you in to the immediate. It pauses life for a second instead of constantly reminding you of it. If i wanted to watch tv I wouldn’t have come to a restaurant with my family, I would’ve watched tv.

My friends all enjoyed it too. The beer was great and it wasn’t too hot in there. Plus the women looked nice. I looked nice, overall it was just a nice time.

It made me outside of the things that are going on in my life, the things which stress me to no end. It didnt take much. A bit of weed and beer and I was happier than I’ve been for a while.

I think it was the fact that I could be the me that I’ve become at University. The me that has interests I decided on and likes that make me impassioned. I guess sometimes I just don’t feel like that anymore.



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