Roasted Potatoes

I made some really tasty potatoes for dinner tonight. I first sliced them and then again and again until the cubes I saw on the board were one-bite, a measurement relative to the biter.

Then, they went into a metal bowl and were tossed with sea salt and some nice rub, mustard seed based I think. After about thirty minutes in the oven, they came out golden delicious, just a little crunch on the outside without being either too dry or too chewy once you get to the inside.

I really like the simplicity of this process and how it yields results beyond what one might expect a bunch of ingredients from the ground bind-ed by a touch of olive oil would give. It’s simple and yet effective.

I may be over-blowing the effects of roast potato making for literary gain, alas the observer effect isn’t partial to chemistry after all! But, I think this kind of thing shows how little hard work and results can still make one feel wonderful inside. It’s like I accomplished something even though this has been happening in the world – roast potatoes, that is- for as long as people have been pulling the stuff from the ground.

It’s really some of the most elemental, NaCl included, stuff one can do. Makes you wonder about the ability to achieve as relates to ones ability to be happy. I’d venture they are not as intertwined as I’ve been led to believe. But, hey maybe I’m just a bad cook who’s happy with his meager success, maybe that’s the point.



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