Welcome Home

Hi, I hope you appreciate the welcome, not everyone gets to hear these things when they get home. For me, home is where you feel most comfortable, where you are able to be yourself without fear of reproach. So, I guess this is a sort of home for me, and that’s why I hope you feel welcome here with me.

This being my first post, I think I’ll keep it short and to the point. I don’t know what I’m doing in life or where I’m going, to be honest. All I know about life is that I derive an inordinate amount of joy from the act you are on the other side of and so I thought, screw it, I’ll start a blog.

I don’t really care who reads this, not only for to state so would be to pigeonhole this thing in my first post, but also because I think that defeats the point of expression, especially on the internet. I mean, why do I care who you are? It’s what you think that matters, in my opinion, the most in this world. And yet, it’s also the thing we least care about.

It’s not the ideas you espouse but rather those you can be identified with, those which suffuse everything but who you really are, that come to define us. So, let us be friends, dear Reader. That’s what you are to me, someone reading what I think, evaluating what I think.



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